Microstock Business

Selling vector graphics on microstock is a lucrative passive side income and depending which part of the country you are staying can make a difference in how much you earn. Some designers do it as their full time job. I have been in this industry since 2008. It was a struck of luck, that I found it earlier on. I started out as a hobby to improve my design skills, never intended to earn some good income from it.

The microstock business is a residual passive income, which means that you will need to continue to upload fresh images after a certain period of times. However, quality and high demand images may just be downloaded many times consistently over time.

If you are a newbie either you want to start it as a hobby or a job here are some of my top 10 sites you can join.

1.  Shutterstock

This is the number one site. Easy upload process. Clean and neat website. But most of all the most earnings for me.

2.  123rf

This site is becoming one of my favourite site. When I started out, the earnings were inconsistence. But the numbers are great now.

3.  Canstockphoto

This site has been working out particularly well since the beginning. Sometimes, there may be ups and downs. But overall it is working well.

4.  Depositphotos

I actually like the design look and feel with the easy upload and navigation process. It does produce regular earnings for me from time to time.

5.  Dreamstime

This site is great. But the approval process is quite strict. This is one of the pioneer site. You can expect good results if you have unique designs.

6.  Fotolia

Not one of my favourite site, but I still get some earnings from there.

7.  Bigstockphoto

Doing averagely well. Hopefully more improvement of the site in future.

8.  Graphicleftovers

Low earnings and upload process is quite troublesome.

9.  Cutcaster

Once a while you will be able to get your image sold. Not a good site to depend on.

10. Yaymicro

This site is generally not doing well for me. But some contributors are doing well in this site.

Tips to do well as a microstock contributor:

1. It is better to distribute all your stock art to as many microstock agencies as possible.

2. Upload and upload! Quantity is important as you will be competing with other contributors.

3. Quality also important.

4. Finally, you will need to market and promote your work too!


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