My Zazzle store

I have recently started using Zazzle to sell my designs to replace Etsy. I found that it is much more suitable for me. I loved the way it can customise the products. It is perfect for gifts, t-shirts and invitations. There are no fee to sign up to be a Zazzle seller.

It may take sometime for a first time user to get used to the site multiple pages. Whether you’re shopping online and looking for something unique to give as a gift or to sell, Zazzle offers a wide range products you can purchase or customise.

My designs are usually simple, cute and bright. I aimed towards create paper goods for invitations, greeting cards for all life’s celebrations. On the side, I will create fun t-shirts and adorable cartoons for all products. Please find my Zazzle store here.

Wedding Couple Doodle Invitation Card

wedding invitation screenshot

Kawaii Narwhal Invitation Card

narwhal invitation screenshot


My first post

Welcome to my first post! I am an illustrator and graphic designer and I’d love to share my artwork and design with the rest of the world. If you would like to me to custom any designs I would be happy to discuss with your further.